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    Minimum rental order is $500, We do not accept rentals for accessories only, To order, choose the Slatwall rental display that corresponds to the design on and the rental price. See Terms & Conditions for rental details.


    Black Black



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    Your company name / logo on the top center of display. Client must email artwork at least 21 days prior to the set-up date. Other sign sizes and options are available – for more Info Call: 702-399-9900 or email


    Sign Size

    2x2 Panels













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    Gray padded 2’Wx10’L carpet tiles.

    Carpet 10’ x 10’ Booth


    Carpet 10’ x 20’ Booth


    We do not offer other carpet sizes. If a larger of special color carpet is required order from the event general service contractor.






    Triangle Slatwall Tower 24”x6’H


    Square Slatwall Tower 24”x6’H


    Greeter Counter: 24’x24’x39”H


    Round Table: X-Base 36”X30”H Black


    Rectangle Table 6’x30” Black Cover


    Chair: Folding Black


    LED Display Wall Arm Light


    Extension Cord: 25’ with 4 outlet strip


    Small/Shoe Shelf: Clear 10”Wx4”D


    Medium Black Shelf 16”Wx8”D


    Medium Clear Shelf 16”Wx8”D


    Large Black Shelf 24”Wx12”D


    Bullnose Shelf Black 24”Wx13”D


    Large Clear Shelf 24”Wx12”D


    1” Picture Hooks 10 Pack, Black


    2” Hooks Chrome Black


    4” Hooks Chrome Black


    8” Hooks Chrome Black


    6 Ball Waterfall 12” chrome


    Hat Hooks chrome


    Literature Stand 8.5x11, 4-pockets


    Apparel Rack with wheels


    Mini Refrig + Case of Water


    Drape 8’Hx3’W (for corner booth)


    Waste Basket with 4 trash bags


    Sign Mounting Tape 8 - 1”Wx3”L


    Misc 1

    Misc 2




    Late Accessory Order Fees (signs, carpet, fixtures, etc.)

    • Add 20% for orders placed within 14 days of the set-up date.

    • Rush accessory orders placed within 24 hours of the set-up date or thereafter are billed at 2X the published rate.

    Vegas Display, Inc. - Rental Terms & Conditions

    E-mail: 702.399.9900

    Rental Terms: Rental Terms: The rental is for one event, not to exceed seven days. Equipment descriptions, display design, and sizes are approximate. The rental includes packing of equipment, delivery, set up, break down and pick up.

    Labor Rates: Additional labor is billed at a rate of $95. ST / $142.50 OT per man hour, with a one hour minimum. If a client requires Vegas Display to return to the event facility, labor rates plus a $75 labor call and parking fees will apply.

    Payment: Orders must be paid in full to reserve the equipment and labor. Displays are set up on a first paid, first served basis. A credit card (with an expiration date that exceeds the end of the event breakdown date) is required as a security deposit for all rental equipment. Additional equipment or labor will be billed to the credit card used to place the order.

    Late/Rush Orders: New or additions to current orders received within 14 days of the show set up date will be charged a 20% late order fee. Late orders may be refused in full or in part based on equipment and labor availability. The client must meet deadlines for artwork, etc. or late fees apply. Rush Orders placed within 48 hours of the set-up date will be billed 2X the published rate plus any delivery labor.

    Cancellations: Any rental equipment cancelled up to 21 days prior to set-up date will receive a 50% refund. No refunds, exchanges, or credit for cancellations within 21 days of the set-up date, or thereafter. If rental equipment must be removed after it has been delivered current labor rates plus transportation and parking fees will apply.

    Disputes: Any rental equipment or labor that has been delivered is deemed acceptable to the customer or their agent unless a written complaint is made within four hours of delivery and set up, otherwise the customer waives their right to dispute any credit card charges.

    Equipment Delivery/Pick Up: Based on Vegas Display’s discretion, rental equipment may be sent to the advanced warehouse or directly to the event depending on order date, equipment ordered, production schedules, size of the event, General Service Contractor (Freeman, GES, etc.) schedules, show rules and other variables. Delivery and Pick Up includes one hour of wait time. Extra waiting time to unload is billed at current labor rates.

    Material Handling: Material Handling is the fee charged by the GSC to deliver exhibit material from the loading dock to your booth, store and return empty containers and return equipment back to loading dock. The exhibitor is required to have a credit card on file with the event’s GSC for material handling fees. Failure to do so may result in the rental display not being delivered to your booth and additional fees and expensive surcharges.

    Wait Fees: When Vegas Display labor is delayed for more than one hour, wait fees apply. Wait fees can including unloading or loading the truck at the exhibit hall, delays in carpet or electrical to be installed or exhibitors failing to remove product from the display immediately after the show closes. Wait fees are billed at $75 per hour.

    Exhibitor Responsibilities: Exhibitor Responsibilities: The Exhibitor acknowledges that all information on the Rental Order is accurate. Any changes must be made in writing at least 48 hours prior to the set up. Exhibitors are responsible for the advance order carpet, electrical service for display lights or other service required for Vegas Display to set up the display. Failure to do so may incur additional labor and wait time fees.

    Display Design Changes: Display designs adhere to strict structural integrity and may not be altered by the client. The Exhibitor must NOT change, adjust, or move the display after installation, as walls could collapse and cause damage to property, products, or cause personal injury. Any display design change requests by the Exhibitor may result in additional equipment and labor fees.

    Insurance: The Exhibitor is required to carry liability insurance for their employees, property and personal injury to neighboring exhibitors or other event attendees. Exhibitors should have event cancelation and event disruption insurance.

    Damages: Vegas Display is not responsible for Exhibitor property before, during or after the event. The client is responsible for Vegas Display’s equipment from delivery through break down, including any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. The client is responsible for any damage to equipment caused by attaching signs or products using any tape or adhesive. A cleaning fee of $95 per hour with a one-hour minimum will apply. Exhibitors must not screw, attach, alter, or damage any equipment or the full replacement cost will be billed to the credit card on file.

    Resolutions: To complete or fulfill an order, Vegas Display reserves the right to substitute for similar items. The Exhibitor authorizes Vegas Display to resolve all on-site issues regarding the completion and set-up and breakdown of the rental equipment. If the Exhibitor does not have a credit card on file with the GSC, Vegas Display has the authority to use the credit card on file to pay for the services, plus a $100 administrative fee. Vegas Display, to get their equipment removed from the venue, may pay the Exhibitor invoice. The full amount, plus an additional $250. inconvenience service fee will be added to the customer’s credit card on file and is the sole is the responsibility of the Exhibitor

    Exhibitor Products: The Exhibitor is responsible for all shipping arrangements for their property to and from the event. Vegas Display will not accept, deliver, remove, or store any customer products, equipment, etc. pre or post show.


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