Affordable Rental Exhibits for All Las Vegas Trade Shows

The Dealer 40

Design / Item:


Early Bird Price -

$ 5,225.00

Orders placed at least 30 days prior to the set-up date.

Standard Price -

$ 5,748.00

Orders placed between 30 to 15 days prior to the set-up date.

Late Order Price -

$ 6,531.00

Orders placed within 14-7 business days prior to the set-up date.

Rush Order -

Call For Price: 702.399.9900

Within Six business days of the set-up date.

Display Color Option :

This 30′ inine slatwall display has two storage areas. Each storage area is 2’x6’x8’H with drape to create closet doors. We can make larger inline displays up to 100 feet. Call for details and pricing.

How to Order: Click on the “Rent Now” button. A new window with an order form will appear. Complete the form, save and email it to us at We’ll process your order and email confirmation.