Affordable Rental Exhibits for All Las Vegas Trade Shows

Vegas Display Rental Order Terms & Conditions

Payment/Cancelations: Orders must be paid in full to reserve the equipment and labor. Orders are set up on a first paid, first served basis. Checks will not be accepted within 14 days of the display set up date. A valid credit card (with an expiration date that exceeds the end of the event breakdown date) is required for payment and will be used as a security deposit for all rental equipment. Any order or equipment canceled up to 14 days prior to scheduled set-up date will receive a 50% refund. No refunds, exchanges, or credit for cancelations within 14 days of the set-up date, or thereafter. No refunds for graphics that are in the process of or have been produced. Any rental equipment, accessories or labor that has been delivered is deemed acceptable to the customer or their agent unless a written complaint is made within eight hours of delivery and install.

Rental Terms: The rental is for one event, not to exceed a total of seven days. Equipment descriptions, display design, and sizes are approximate. The rental includes one of each: packing equipment, delivery and pick up, set up and breakdown. Any additional service or labor will be billed at a rate of $95. ST/$150. OT per man hour, with a two-hour minimum. If Vegas Display must return to the event facility, a $75 fee plus any parking fee will also apply.

Delivery: To be sure the rental equipment arrives to the event in time for set-up, equipment is typically delivered to the General Service Contractor’s (GSC) Advance Warehouse. Vegas Display, based solely at their discretion, may deliver the rental equipment directly to the exhibit hall, hotel or event location loading dock based on order date, production schedules, size of the event, amount of equipment rented, loading dock schedule, show rules and other variables. Equipment required to go to the event Marshalling Yard prior to delivery includes one hour of wait / unload time. Extra waiting to unload time is billed at $95 per hour and the responsibility of the exhibitor.

Material Handling: Material Handling/Drayage is charged by the GSC to deliver and move out your rental exhibit material to and from your booth. Rates vary by event and usually based on weight. The exhibitor is required to have a credit card on file with the event’s GSC for material handling fees. Failure to do so may result in the rental display not being delivered to your booth, and thus, not being set up on time and incurring wait fees and other charges.

Exhibitor Responsibilities: The Exhibitor acknowledges that all information on the Rental Order is accurate, including exhibit hall, booth number, set up and break down dates and times. Any changes must be made in writing at least 24 hours prior to the set up. Exhibitors are responsible for the advance order of items such as carpet, electrical service or other service required prior to Vegas Display setting up the rental equipment. These items must be ordered and paid for at least 10 days prior to the set-up date. A $95 per man hour waiting fee will be added to the rental order if Vegas Display labor is delayed. If the event ends early, Vegas Display must be notified immediately.
Display Design Changes: Display designs adhere to strict structural integrity and may not be altered by the client. The exhibitor must NOT change, adjust or move the display after installation, as equipment could collapse and cause damage to property, products or personal injury. Any on-site display design change requests by the client may result in additional equipment and labor fees. Vegas Display may need to revise the display design to fit the booth space. Any display design changes after the order is placed is solely at the discretion of Vegas Display.
On-Site Orders: Equipment additions ordered within 24 business hours of the show set up day or on-site will be billed at 2X the published rate plus a $75. delivery fee if a return trip to the warehouse is required.

Insurance: The Exhibitor is required to carry liability insurance for their employees and property and must cover property and personal injury to neighboring exhibitors and the venue while the rental equipment is in the possession of the client. Vegas Display is not responsible for Exhibitor property before, during or after the event.

Damages: The client is responsible for Vegas Display equipment from delivery until break down, including any lost, stolen, or damaged equipment. The client is responsible for any damage to equipment caused by attaching signs or products using tape, glue, screws, nails, pins or other hardware or adhesives. Cleaning fees is $95 per hour with a one-hour minimum. If equipment cannot be cleaned or repaired, client is responsible for the replacement cost.

On-Site Resolutions: To complete or fulfill an order, Vegas Display reserves the right to substitute for similar items. The Exhibitor authorizes Vegas Display to resolve all on-site issues regarding the completion and set-up and breakdown of the rental equipment, including carpet, electrical service, material handling, etc. which the Exhibitor failed to order in advance. If the Exhibitor does not have a credit card on file with the General Service Contractor, Vegas Display, at their discretion, may initiate and pay for the required services. The full amount, plus an additional $250. inconvenience fee will be added to the order and is the responsibility of the Exhibitor to pay in full.

Shipping: The Exhibitor is responsible for all shipping arrangements for their property to and from the event.
Vegas Display will not remove or store any customer products, equipment, etc.

Steaming Service: The service does guarantee all wrinkles will be removes from the graphic.

Signs: Vegas Display will store the graphic at no charge for up to one year if used for the same rental frame. After one year, the client will be contacted and the graphic will be A) stored for $250 per year, B) shipped to client for $50 + shipping costs, C) discard graphic if a payment is not received with 30 days.
Additional Terms: Any special or specific Rental Terms and Conditions must be in writing and agreed to by both parties.